Mixed team

If you want to play floorball casually, or learn it as a beginner, mixed competition is a great choice.

Mixed competition is played on a small field with smaller goals. You play 4 against 4 without goalies. As the name suggest, each team is mixed women/men.

The Blue Falcons have one Mixed team. To participate in this competition you do not have to pay the competition fee (around 50 euros), but only the mixed competition fee (around 15 euros). If you are interested in joining it get in contact by talking to one of the trainers or by mailing the technical committee (tc@bluefalcons.nl).


There are 3 match days per half a year, all usually played in Utrecht. On each of the match days you play 3 matches. The costs for playing mixed can be found under bluefalcons.nl/costs. For more information about the mixed and the schedule check nefub.nl, (the Dutch floorball federation).