Activity committee

The Activities Committee is an important committee that organizes fun activities next to the usual training and games. The AC organizes around nine activities in a year, including two open tournaments, an annual BBQ and some typical Dutch activities such as Sinterklaas.  

Audit committee

Big mixed committee

The BigMixed Committee organizes the yearly Blue Falcons big field mixed tournament. Mixed means that men and women play in the same team. In this tournament, a competition is played one day at the weekend. The BigMixed tournament attracts teams from all over the Netherlands and some international teams.

Kitchen&food committee

The Kitchen and Food Committee is the newest committee in the Blue Falcons’ arsenal, providing delicious food to starving members after match days in Delft. They try to create fantastic meals at a student price so you don’t have to go bankrupt!

Lustrum committee

Promotion committee

The Promotion Committee prepares the activities in the OWee (introduction week of the TU) and ladies’ intro. Besides that the PC deals with the general promotion of the Blue Falcons.

Sponsor committee

The Sponsor Committee raises extra money for the Blue Falcons and takes care of the sponsoring by offering companies things like clinics, name and logo on our website, banner, flyers, boarding etc. or by offering other original ideas. And they write the newsletter of the club: “the Falcon”.

Technical committee