Who are we?

We are the international student association for Floorball and Unihockey in delft. Since 2007 we have grown into a lively and active association with about 70 members playing in four competition teams. It doesn’t matter if you want to play at the highest level possible or want to drink as much beer as possible, at the Blue Falcons you can do both. Two times per year we organize an open tournament, open for all your roommates/friends/jaarclubgenoten. 


Playing competition is not mandatory at the Blue Falcons. You can also just come by to train. Playing competition however, is a lot of fun. You can play on a big field (5 players + goalie) or on a small field (4 players, 2 of which are men and 2 are women).

Our men’s big field teams play in the Eredivisie (the highest level), the 1st  and 2nd division and our women play 1st division.

We also play a small field variant, called “mixed”. This variant is played three days per semester with multiple games on one day.

If you want to know more about competition possibilities, make sure to contact us via email, facebook or visit one of our trainings.

First men's team


Our first men’s team plays in the Eredivisie, which is the highest level in the Netherlands. They aim to win the competiton! The first team trains on Tuesdays from 21:30-23:00h.

Ladies team


Our ladies team perfectly combines fun and the ambition to win. They won the first division last year and will do their best to win again this year! 

Second men's team


Our second men’s team plays in the first division. They play really well but also like a beer from time to time. 

Third men's team

Third Men's Team

Our third men’s team is the place to be if you just started playing floorball. The focus of this team is more on the “gezelligheid” and on being able to introduce new people to this great sport.

This team is formed only if there are enough people interested.