Try floorball!

Floorball is a very fast and fun team sport! We are the student floorball association located in Delft and we invite you to discover this great sport as well. In the first weeks of the academic year we will be hosting open trainings so you can try this great sport out for yourself! 

What is floorball?

It’s a mix between indoor hockey and ice hockey. It’s very fast and easy to pick up. You play indoors, in a team, and you are allowed to play the ball with your stick, body and feet (scoring only with your stick).

It was invented in Sweden and is gaining popularity fast all across Europe. In the Netherlands on high schools it is also known as unihockey. It is usually played a bit differently there. 

Who are we?

We are the student association for floorball in Delft. Since 2007 we have grown into a lively and active association with about 60 members. We have three competition teams (1 ladies and 2 mens) playing at different levels. We also have two teams competing in the Mixed competition! Besides training, we also organize many activities for our members such as city trips, pub crawls and glow in the dark tournaments.