We play floorball and we invite you to discover this fun sport as well.

What is Floorball?

It's a mix between indoor hockey and ice hockey. It’s very quick and easy to pick up. You play indoors, in a team, and you are allowed to play the ball with your stick, body and feet (scoring only with your stick).

It was invented in Sweden and is gaining popularity fast all across Europe. In the Netherlands on high schools it is also known as unihockey.It is usually played a bit differently there.

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Floorball stadium

Free Sports Event - Open Tournament

On 20th of September 2017 you can try floorball for free! We’ll organize a small tournament so you’ll be able to get a feel of our fun sport.

Have you never done anything with a stick before?
Or have you?
Either way... You’ll pick it up in no time! :)

There will be three prizes to be won and activities to do when you don't have a match to play. And of course we'll finish in the sports café with beers.

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Floorball team 1
Floorball team 2
Floorball team 3

Who are we?

We are the student association for floorball and unihockey in Delft. Since 2007 we have grown into a lively and active association with about 40 members. We play floorball with 3 different teams (two men's and one women's team) and so far we have won three titles!

Champions '14/'15
Owee 2015

Besides floorball we have dinner together on Friday's and we organize activities, such as a yearly city trip, escape room, an ice hockey clinic, skiing trip, sinterklaas, cocktail evening, game night and more. And we regulary have beers after trainings or a party to go to together.

ISSTT 2016

We have both members that combine the Blue Falcons with other student associations in Delft (like Virgiel or Sint Jansbrug) and people who don't.
Also we have a lot of international students, since floorball is a bigger sport outside our country: for instance in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic it's as big as fieldhockey is in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in our club, feel free to visit an open training or contact us via email or facebook .

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Owee 2015


Playing competition is not mandatory at the Blue Falcons. You can also just come by to train. It is however a lot of fun. You can play on a big field (5 players + goalie) or on a small field (4 players, 2 of which are men and 2 are women).

Owee 2015

Our men's big field teams play in the Eredivisie (the highest level) and 2nd division and our women play 1st division.

The small field is called 'mixed' and is played on match days, three times per semester, on which you'll play several matches. This is a bit similar to the games we play at our Open Tournament.

If you want to know more about competition possibilities, make sure to contact us via email, facebook or visit one of our trainings .

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Floorball lineup
Floorball fast
Floorball martijn